Introduction to Astral ProjectionEdit

Astral projection is the art of projecting yourself into the astral plane of existence and interact with the various astral entities (who may or may not have a physical form).  The astral is full of spirit type entities it is here where one can safely practice their arts without too much effect happening to the physical body they have.  For example if the intent was there you or someone could get hurt even if it the wound was made in the astral.

How to Astral Project?Edit

Sink into a meditative state and reach a point where you are no longer thinking.  Upon reaching that state, reaches out with your mind to sense other beings around you, if you can sense other beings, you can therefore sense the location they are in.  While in that state you can sense the terrain, various locations and other beings with your mind, keep in mind to keep your eyes closed so as not to be distracted by the physical surrounding.