Introduction to ChannelingEdit

Channeling is the art of allowing an entity, ghosts, or spirits to take over your body and allow communication from them to other parties.  The channeling ability could be seen as either a gift or a curse.  A gift in that it allows other people to communicate through you with their dearly departed, angels, or guides.  A curse in that sometimes you channel even those you did not want to speak, so you may get possessed really easily.

How to Channel?Edit

The trick is to just sit back and relax, and enter a meditative state.  Once there, while eyes are closed, allow yourself to sit even further back in your consciousness and let whomever you desire to enter your mind, enters.

What Some Channelers tend to ForgetEdit

It is your mind, and thus your rules, if there is ever someone or something that you do not want in your head simply visualize them expelled, and you will have your head back.  Also remember to do a cleansing after each channeling as they can sometimes leave things behind that are less than positive.