Introduction to Dream WalkingEdit

Dreamwalking is the art of entering other people's dream while you are also in dream state.  Oracles, priests, and priestesses use to act this way to circumvent wars or turns the tide of battle.  As they can appear in any form when in that state of awareness.  They can come in the form of loved ones, heroes of long lost battles, or even of gods and goddesses so that they may warn the selected few of impending danger or what course to take in order to save many lives.

How to Dream Walk?Edit

As you enter a state of sleep, know that and become aware of your sleeping form.  Once you do so, you will begin to traverse to a dream city where from here you can ask for directions to go to certain people.  If you are strong enough you can reach these people during dream state.  By entering people's dream you can literally enter the mind of another person, thus allowing you to leave messages for them when they finally awoken or leave imagery or memories behind for them to think on.

Danger of Dream WalkingEdit

If not careful you could literally be trapped in someone's elses mind and be unable to return to your body.  As a result you could become a new personality for that person.