Introduction to HypnotismEdit

Hypnotism is the art of making mental suggestion or programming a person to do what they want either with their words, body language or with their eyes.

How to do a hypnotism?Edit

Start off small, speak softly and succinctly to the intended person, if you want a person to walk a certain way, you can slowly walk near them invading their personal space, they will automatically move away in an opposite direction.

To use your eyes as a focal point for hypnotism, look straight into their eye and send out a warm and welcoming energy so that they will trust you, smile to enforce this.

To hypnotise using your voice, use soft, smooth and calming intonation, say good things about them, make them feel good and then add things that you want done for you and how good this would make you feel, you make them feel good, they want to make you feel good.

Eventually you will be good enough to hypnotise with less actions than you would be using at the start.

How to guard against hypnotism?Edit

Be aware of your surroundings, if you start feeling dizzy, look for the source of that dizziness and find a way to avoid it or get away from it.  Watch for people's body language, eyes movement, voice intonation and the path they are walking.