Mermaid illusion

Introduction to IllusionEdit

Illusion is the art of making people see images or sense things that are not there, effectively creating a synthetic experience in their mind.

How to create an illusion?Edit

This is a form of reverse telepathy, instead of picking up images, thoughts, or ideas in people.  Though you are still connected with them, you project thoughts, ideas, images, and other sensation inside their mind.

Start off small, send tiny thoughts patterns to them, you can do this while sleeping or meditating to make it easier on you.

Eventually you will be good enough to do this with bigger experiences projecting into their mind, remember you can effectively make people go crazy over this, so do this when you have good reasons to and if ever you truly become skillful at it then you can use illusion on the mind of not just one but multiple minds.

How to guard against illusion?Edit

Question everything, if you are starting to see stuff or feel things that other are clearly not experiencing then look for proof that your experience is real, if you can't find any, then its probably caused by an illusion.  However if you have proof, then its most likely your reality is being manipulated and that's a whole other fish to fry.