Introduction to MeditationEdit

Meditation is the art of clearing one's mind of all unnecessary thoughts, worries, and fears.  To reach your epicenter, the pinnacle of oneself and to become enlighten in the pure join of being.

Why meditate?Edit

People meditate to get rid of stress, nervousness, paranoia and fears that they have in themselves, in other people, in the world, the wholeness of living.and to find out more about themselves.

One way of meditationEdit

Sit and relax, close your eyes, and envision a ball of light in front of you.  Stare at it until the ball of light becomes clear within your mind, do not get distracted by other things that appears, but only on the ball of light.  When it becomes clear, keep staring at it until it disappears completely.  It doesn't matter how long the meditation last, but do this at least once a day as long as it is needed to get to the point where you can turn the ball of light into nothingness.