Introduction to RunesEdit

Runes are letters or symbol of power which are in essence alive in their own being.  It should thus be regarded as the code of life.  Each runes represent an aspect or meaning for example one could mean protect, the other fire.  Depending on the intent this could mean protect from fire or a fire that protects.  Runes therefore could be used to chain together, same type of runes can be used to chain together as much as different types.

How to Gather Runes?Edit

Runes can be gathered by way of sitting at a campfire and meditating while looking at the fire.  As you look at it says "Show me the symbols of power of my heart and desire, show me the runes of which I seek, and make it so I understand them in mind, heart and in soul".  This can be done by visualizing a fire in front of you or by sitting at a physical fire.  But after saying the words, images of these symbols should start to form in the fire, you will also know what they stand for and what it means.  Keep looking until all symbols are gone.

Usage of RunesEdit

  • As a ward
  • As a basis for invocation
  • Place on your own body as a protective ward (tatoo)
  • Part of any spells