Introduction to SealsEdit

Otherwise known as Sigils or Magic Circles.  Whereas the runes should be regarded as the code of life, the seals should be regarded as the program, and thus rituals are the operating systems.  Seals are usually comprised of a circle, with many lines and shapes such as stars, triangles or squares inside the circle with runes in between the spaces.  The lines and shapes act as separators, links or connectors between each codes to make the seal (program) work.

Forming a SealEdit

A seal can be formed by knowing what runes, shapes and lines does.  A good seal is comprised of all of those factors. But that does not mean a simple circle with one dot is not as effective in doing a simple ritual or spell, it can be as effective if not more so.  But a complex seal could do what a simple seal cannot, it can have added affects such as protection from different sources or hard to removed or revoke.

Usage of SealsEdit

  • Can be used to seal in entities, energy sources or gateways.
  • Can act as a focal point for channeling in energy
  • Can be used as a shield, a barrier or a complex warding mechanism
  • Can be used as a gateway to a different reality or plane of existence