Introduction to ShieldingEdit

Shielding is the act of manipulating energy to make it form a shield either in front of you, around you, an object, a location or another being in order to protect those things.

Types of ShieldingEdit

  • One Side Shielding
  • All Body Shielding
  • Shielding over object or locations, also known as warding or barriers
  • Elemental Shielding.
  • Holy Shielding

One Side ShieldingEdit

One side shielding are normally shields which are erected in front of you, to stop any type of energy or entities from intruding the front or back side of you.

All Body ShieldingEdit

This is the type of shield that wraps around the whole body as a spherical field or simply wrap about the body in an energy armor or cloak.


This is a type of shielding that go over a location or object either to protect the object, keep people away from it, or set an alarm, it can also be used as a trigger in invoking traps.

Elemental ShieldingEdit

This type of shielding is concentrated on weaving elements into the shield in order to ward off certain elements.

Holy ShieldingEdit

This type of shielding is done by weaving holy positive energy into the shield in effect protecting you from unholy negative energy.

Effective Usage of ShieldingEdit

The most effective usage of shielding is by combinding and merging of different type of shields in order to protect yourself or what you need protecting.  Remember the three level of magic if you want to make or sustain a good shield.