Irish celtic tattoo design on upperback body

Introduction to TattooEdit

Ever notice the various tribal civilizations with tattoos all over their skins? If you have then you have good eyes.  Those tattoos that some people wear is usually done as a sign of courage but there are more to it than that.  Tattoos are images, pictures, and in some case letters.  These are, yep, symbols of power.  Back in the old day, before they are considered cool, they are used to ward off negative entities, granting you power, courage, or just plain protection.

Ways of getting a tattooEdit

  • Go to a tattoo parlour and pick a good symbol to be used on you
  • Do it yourself, this is not recommended.
  • Draw temporary tattoos, using ink
  • Draw temporary tattoos, by tracing symbols of power with your finger while pouring in energy as you do so.

Usage of tattoosEdit

  • Enhanced resistance, strengths, and any other physical attributes
  • Increase morale, and/or courage
  • Grant abilities according to the runes/symbols placed.