Tri-Aspect ReadingEdit

The tri-aspect reading concentrate on three different aspects of a person

  • Divine - miracles, healing, chances, mind magic, fates and etc.
  • Earth - physical strength, attributes, resistance, metabolism, elemental attunements and etc
  • Spirit - soul, aura, channeling, possession and etc.

Divine ReadingEdit

When doing a divine reading, concentrate on that person's ability to affect chances, fates, the abnormal, e.g. healing, affecting luck, controlling people's fates etc.

Earth ReadingEdit

When doing Earth Reading, concentrate on their physical attributes with your senses, either by empathy, or remote viewing.  See them as they are, look into their mind, and see how they use their logic and reasoning.  How good their eyesights are, what is their arm strength? and etc.  Aside from this also look into their metabolism, their regenerative ability and what elements they are attune with.

Spirit ReadingEdit

When doing a Spirit Reading, look into their interactions with souls, spirits, demons, ghosts, and see how they act or react to them.  Explain what you see in your own words.  Their ability with aura works and their ability in term of spirits.


When doing any reading it is important to ask for permission to read them, as doing the reading without permission is considered rude and can be taken as an offense by others.