Introduction to WardingEdit

Warding is the act of energetically protecting an object, location and/or area in order to keep people or entities away from said target either by placing a rune, symbol of power on the thing in question.  Warding can also be use as an alarm or in order to trigger an invocation of spells or magic.

Difference Between Warding and ShieldingEdit

Shielding is the conscious act of putting up a barrier in front or around yourself, whereas warding once placed onto target each time the target is in danger, the ward is activated.

Types of WardingEdit

  • Warding an object
  • Warding an area and/or location
  • Alarm Warding
  • Trigger Warding

Object WardingEdit

Warding an object is done by way of placing a symbol of power or runes on the object in order to protect it from being used or stolen by other people or entities.  The ward could cause a burn on the person or entities if is removed by unauthorized users.

Area/Location WardingEdit

To ward off an area/location the ward is usually placed on a door or wall of the place you want safe and free from being breached.  Anyone who breached the area could feel uneasy, sickness, alert the warder and/or trigger some other nasty side effects.

Alarm WardingEdit

Sometimes a ward does not have to be easily recognizable, it could just be a part of an area, that is invisible to the naked eye or just a crack on the wall.  Touching this spot or area around it could trigger off an alarm that could alert the person who placed the ward.

Trigger WardingEdit

In trigger warding, a ward is placed on an object or area in order for when it is observed, touched or read could trigger off a spell or some kind of invocation.

Effective Usage of WardingEdit

Just like shielding, best usage of warding is through combining and merging the different types of wards and powering it with great intent, willpower and belief.