Introduction to White LightEdit

White Light is the embodiment of pure positive energy.  It is most commonly used in healing, purification, and/or protection.  Because of the malleability of white light it can be used for almost anything.  Depending on the shape it takes it could range from a suit of armor, a cloak, a weapon, a tool, a shield, energy for healing or for purification.

Usage of White LightEdit

By shaping it into a form of a weapon, it could be used as a weapon against negative entities or energy, by shaping it like a shield or barrier it could be use to protect,  By shaping it as a flute, it could be use an instrument to put negative entities to sleep or otherwise.  The sky is the limit with white light.  You can practically do anything with white light with perhaps exception to protecting you from an oncoming truck or other physical danger.

The Way Of Learning ItEdit

First thing you need to do, is feeling your positive energy. Feel it as completely white energy glowing. What I like to do is cleanse myself from negative energy, basicly sense your negative energy and push it out then see yourself as completely positive.

White Light BallEdit

Make your White Light Energy go into your hands. Make it flow like a river into your hands, no force only if you want to apply force to it. Then form a ball of White Light, you can also make a psi ball THEN add white light to it. Which is up to you.

White Light BlastEdit

Similar to the previous technique, this time though make it go into Just one of your hands and add some force to it basicly see it as just white energy instead of just a flowing river. But do what works best for you. Then just blast it out and release, what you also can do is make it go to your arm. and compact it there then release it, and blast it through your hand.